The company

Joonas on a wheel
Transport Keränen Inc. is a family business that has stayed in the same family since it was established in 1955. We at Transport Keränen want to provide fast and customerfriendly transportationservice economical for both sides. Therefore it is important to have constant and up-dated information on the needs and demands of the customer.

Quality and reliability of the deliveries are our assets on the markets. To maintain this quality and the satisfaction of our curtomers we check and develope our service constantly.

Besides national transportations we operate outside Finnish boarders. International transportations are focused on the EU-area, mainly Germany and Holland.

The professional knowledge of our staff is an important factor in the the transportation business. We organize general, as well as more specific education for our staff. Our staff is also educated according the demands of our customers. We take care of the well-being and occupational safety of our staff.

We develope our functions according to the needs of our customers and the fleet according the products to be transported. We aim to fullfill your needs and hopes.

We take care of the environment by, among other things, keeping the fleet modern and by maintaining it regularly.

By co-operating with reliable companies with similar principles we create fast connections throughout Finland and Europe. The management of our company is commited to customer service. The staff is well informed of customers hopes and possible changes in them.

If you choose to work with Transport Keränen Inc., you will get a well commited and motivated transportation company.